Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Indian Cement Industry

The cement industry in India is witnessing high rate of growth due to the ever increasing demand for civic infrastructure.

The cement industry in India took off a few years after the country gained independence. Though the initial few years did not witness major progress, but since around 1970, the growth has been steady and rapid.

Ever since the Indian government took the control of the country from the British, it has been struggling with various developmental issues. Due to the enormous population of India, there has been a perpetual focus on the development of civic infrastructure as well as housing facilities. The high demand for cement, coupled with favourable Governmental policies, have been favourable factors driving the growth of the cement industry in India.

Since the past two decades, major industrial houses of the country have made forays into cement manufacture. JK Lakshmi Cement Limited is one cement manufacturer in India that has made a unique name for itself in the production of quality cement. With a production capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum, JK Lakshmi Limited has been a forerunner in India’s transition towards modern manufacturing standards. Rated as the Third Greenest Cement Plant in India, JK Lakshmi’s production facility in Rajasthan is home to the finest quality of cement that India has to offer.

Industry experts forecast that the growth pattern in cement is expected to continue further due to the increased level of construction activities taking place across India. There are various reasons for this: · The urban housing sector is expected to require investments to the tune of US$25 billion over the next five years. · Delhi, the capital of India, is home to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. · Over $5 billion have been allocated for urban Infrastructure to be spent in the next four years.

With the above reasons, it is clear that the demand for cement and other construction inputs is bound to increase. The next few years might see more investment by Indian corporate houses into the cement industry.

Author :- Jack Albert is a dedicated writer who writes for Jklakshmi, which manufacture plaster of paris and quality cement.