Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Know the Logic behind Cement Variant Names

Cement is being manufactured in many variants today. This often confuses the layman who does not know which cement to use. Besides Portland cement, the market offers blended or PPC cement as well.

You would find many variants within Portland cement itself – 33, 43 and 53. Some manufacturers also produce cement varieties in forms such as masonry cement, high strength cement and sulphated cement.

The important thing to remember is that there is no good or bad cement, the choice should depend upon the intended application. It is interesting to note that while in the earlier times, only Portland cement used to be available, the abundant supply of fly ash resulted in the development of Pozzolana cement.

The demand from rail companies for high strength cement to be used for manufacturing sleepers put a pressure on cement manufacturers to produce special variants of cement. Such high grades of cement are also required in the construction of long span bridges, high rise structures and other structures of gigantic magnitude.

Broadly speaking:

• 33 Grade cement meets the requirement of small constructions

• 43 Grade cement is used for pre-cast concrete production and sleeper manufacture

• 53 Grade cement is used for heavy infrastructure and civil engineering applications.

One important point that must be remembered is that for most industrial and heavy applications, cement is not used directly but is rather an important input for concrete. Blended varieties of cement provide higher levels of strength and durability. While 53 Grade OPC has its own specific applications, it is not advisable to be used for ordinary structures.

Author :- Jack Albert is a dedicated writer writes for Jklakshmi, which is a brand cement industry also one of the best manufacturer in plaster of paris.